We've answered the questions we're most often asked.

Do you do residential and commercial work?

Yes, we work for home owners and commercial clients.  Some of our more well-known commercial clients include David Reid Homes, Jennian Homes, Key Homes, Miden Homes and Rodney Wood Builders.

Can you advise which planting is best for a low maintenance property?

Yes, we are happy to do to this and will plant and landscape to your budget.

Can you do the work off my plans?

We can work of your plans or complete some for you.

If I can't afford to complete it all in one go can we do it in stages?

Yes! It is sometimes common practice to break up a project into stages and complete each stage as circumstances permit.

Do we have to organise the different trades or contractors, or can you organise the complete job?

We can project manage from design, permits, construction and completion.